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Property Maintenance

Gold Costa Real Estate
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Landscaping and maintenance

Small Repairs

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Painting Works

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Pool maintenance

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Glass Replacing



We Do It All

From Bedrooms and Bathrooms, to Basements and Bonus Rooms

We strive for perfection no matter which part of your home needs renovating. Our design team and skilled journeymen tradesmen will work with you to make your dream renovation a reality - on time, within budget and with the best craftmanship. We take great pride in what we do, and nothing makes us happier than a job well done and a satisfied client. Since we’ve started, we’ve completed over 1,000 renovations - that’s a lot of happy customers!

Drop us a line today, and let's chat about your exciting project

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Landscaping and maintenance

Landscaping and Maintenance
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For the construction of your garden

You are at the right place, with experience of more than 20 years in the Netherlands.

We realize your dream garden, completely customized, buget and wishes all made for you. With a perfect team for employees.

Maintenance of your garden.

In consultation with you, we can make a maintenance plan for your garden, tailored to your needs.
- scheduled days per year.
- Costs distributed throughout the year.
- Tuning of your maintenance requirements.

So your garden always looks perfect and you can enjoy it whenever you want.

All repairs

All repairs

Joinery small repairs

  • Draught-proofing works

  • Adjust/repair doors

  • Door handles

  • Hatch repairs

  • Apply sealant in kitchen and bathrooms

  • Repair catches/pulleys

  • Put up/repair shelving

  • Repair/replace skirting and door surrounds

  • Hang/re-hang a single door

  • Replace/upgrade door locks and other security devices

Plumbing small repairs

  • Replace washers in taps

  • Replace kitchen, wash-hand basin or bath taps

  • Replace sink grating

  • Replace sink plug and chain

  • Clear an internal choked kitchen sink

  • Repair a leak at water pipe below kitchen sink, wash-hand basin, bath or WC supply waste and flush pipes

  • Replace washer or ballcock of cistern

  • Replace WC seat and cover

  • Supply and fit new insulation jacket to existing hot water cylinder

Electrical small repairs

  • Repair/replace smoke detectors

  • Repair/replace fuses and circuit breakers

  • Repair/replace internal and external light fittings, switches sockets and pull cords

  • Repair/replace electrical sockets, spur units and shower indicators

  • Supply and fit ceiling pull cord and switch for shower unit

  • Repair/replace immersion heaters control switch

  • Repair immersion heater

  • Repair/replace cooker control unit switches

  • Disconnect/re-connect electric cooker

  • Repair extractor fan

  • Minor repairs to storage and panel heaters

  • Replace fluorescent bulbs and light fittings


  • Re-tape carpet to avoid tripping hazard

  • Fit client supplied roller blind

  • Fit client supplied curtain rail/pole(s)

  • Fit client supplied wireless door bells (not sensory bells)

  • Install security works eg door chain, spy hole (if appropriate)

  • Install client supplied bathroom cabinets, towel rails, toilet roll holders, hat/coat hooks

  • Install vent covers

  • Re-rope rotary dryer

If you have any other small jobs not listed that you think we might be able to help you with, please contact us:

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Benahavis loodgieter
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Painting Works

painting works
Benahavis GS rijen
Benahavis schilder
Benahavis schilder

Interior Residential Painting Services

Professional house painters possess the necessary skills for proper surface preparation, and understand the broad range of paint and coating varieties. Our skilled and accredited house painting professionals can diagnose and solve the unique challenges of each home.  

We have extensive painting experience in all types of residences, from high-end homes to high-rise condos.  Our employees take great care in protecting all surfaces that are not being painted, and we thoroughly clean up our work areas at the end of each day.

Our Interior House Painting Services Include:

  • Walls (any height)

  • Ceilings (any height)

  • Doors & Windows

  • French Doors & Windows 

  • Mantels & Bookshelves

  • Paneling & Wainscoting

  • Cabinets & Wood Shelves

  • Baseboard & Crown Moldings

  • Chair Rail Moldings

  • Custom Colors

Pool maintenance


Clean water and balanced water chemistry are the keys to pool maintenance. Establish a weekly routine to clean the pool and maintain the chemical balance. A shock treatment solves and prevents the majority of pool problems. Test the pH and free available chlorine in the pool water and shock-treat, if necessary, on a weekly basis. Do an additional shock treatment if any of the following occurs:

  • Very heavy rains and windstorms

  • More swimmers than usual

  • Foul odor from the pool water

  • Extreme temperatures

  • Swimmers with burning, red eyes

  • Algae growth

  • Murky, slimy water

Benahavis zwembad

Glass Replacing

Benahavis glas
Benahavis glas

Damaged glass does not have to be a stress-inducing situation. Count on us to perform quality glass repair and replacement in a courteous, professional manner. Our specialists will complete your window repair or glass replacement using the industry best practices. We perform the service at a time that works best for you, and our up-front pricing guarantees no surprises charges when the work is finished. We strive to deliver exemplary service to every customer.

Double Pane Window Repair

We will repair windows showing signs of seal stress. Broken seals result in a build up of condensation between panes, creating a dirty or foggy appearance on the window. Not only does this affect your curb appeal, failed window seals diminish the insulating properties of a unit, altering your house's comfort control abilities. Our specialists replace just the panes to repair the entire window.

Specialty Glass Repair

Going well beyond standard window replacement, our experts can tackle the repair and installation of glass in garage doors, mirrors, tabletops, patio and entry doors, cabinets and a variety of home glass decor.

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