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Solar Energy in Spain

MADRID - In 2015, the Minister of Energy and Tourism had a good idea to continue taxing generating their own electricity through solar panels. This tax is in Spain called the solar load and basically means no one can generate its own power without having much to pay. Does someone not then penalties can the new rules will be issued up to 60 million euros, a ridiculous amount of course. Now there is a new minister and new political situation in Spain which could lead to the cancellation of the controversial solar load.

If you think about it logically than nowhere, and many foreigners (and Spanish) understand therefore beats nothing. Spain is the land of the sun but your own generate electricity in an environmentally friendly manner by means of solar panels should not be in the country or that you will be financially and administratively practical impossibility. In 2015, the then Minister José Manuel Soria of the ruling conservative PP party came up with the "decree on energy self-sufficiency." According to the Minister should give a boost this new regulation on electricity production from renewable sources, but nothing could be true. It proved an outright declaration of war on the home grower for their own power needs through include taxes and new rules which must be met.


Thanks to the so-called solar decree there were many bureaucratic obstacles, high costs for research etc. and enormous fines of up to EUR 60 million for those who did not comply with the new decree. In addition, there was a so-called solar load or solar tax which a person who installs solar panels on the self-produced electricity to pay tax which is almost half the kWh price one has to pay to the power company. The solar load is only taken into account if one is not connected using the regular power grid and the solar panels as additional power generation. If you are not connected by a power cable to the electricity network, you do not pay the tax.

new Minister

Minister Soria has since resigned for his involvement in the Panama scandal and there has since been a new minister for Energía, Turismo y Digital Agenda, Álvaro Nadal. He did recently during a signing conference in Morocco that changes take place in the so-called Royal Decree 900/2015 by José Manuel Soria and solar load or solar tax.

Chances are in the future are that this additional and highly controversial tax will be abolished because of two main reasons. The first is the pressure from Brussels which no obstacles wants to see more regarding the generation of green electricity. Secondly, there is the agreement that the PP has signed with Ciudadanos (to improve the so-called 150 agreement points to Spain) stating that the Spanish people are no obstacles may have more to generate environmentally friendly electricity etc. for their own use. Hold the PP not to these 150 points, including the abolition of the solar load, chances are that Ciudadanos no longer supports them in Parliament with all its consequences.

information is missing

The new Minister for Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda did not want to lose the plans and was able to report that they all still studying but it would just be so controversial that the solar load will be abolished in the near future. That will be good news for many owners of solar panels. In principle, the Minister said that the aim is to simplify and reduce the administrative burden and costs rules to generate its own energy. The article, however, is much written in the La Vanguardia newspaper about the "Impuesto al sol 'and possible disappearance.


Other political parties like PSOE and-Unidos Podemos also want that the whole solar load is going to disappear and that there will be more opportunities for the Spaniards to generate their own electricity. In addition, the political parties will, after the PP, just that the Spaniards will be encouraged to do more with solar energy and make it financially more attractive through any subsidies, etc. Add to this on top of that the European Commission wants no more obstacles have to generate clean energy and the increasingly likely that changes will take place in Spain - (Remco Stoffer)

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