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A Second Home? Do it now

Who has not dreamed of? Escape from the busy city and buy a House abroad. Or the full Netherlands occasionally swap at all for your own home in sunny Spain or elsewhere across the border. A good investment as well. Better than your money in the bank.

They say it against starters, but the same is true for those who are thinking of buying a second home: now is the time to buy a home. Thus, the mortgage rates historically low. Good news so if you want to borrow money for a vacation home. And even though most mortgage lenders financing the purchase of a second home not completely, it still saves the a SIP on a drink. Add to this the historically low interest rates on savings and it is clear: invest in ' stone ' delivers more than your money in the bank. Quite apart from the fact whether you are buying for yourself or the House especially if investment.

In addition, holiday homes in their own country. With an average amount of 171,000 euro is the price still some 18 percent lower than before the crisis. And also abroad are holiday homes still affordable. For example, in the Costa del Sol sale you've been one for the amount of a simple middle class.

The ultimate return on your second house consists of the gain or loss on the sale and-if you so choose-from the rental income. But such a holiday home is of course more than a financial story alone. You buy a piece of freedom. A place for you to enjoy and to build new memories. So do you have the money, then it pays well you have to delve into this matter. Life as God in the Costa del Solbwas never so close.

Prepare yourself for

Savings rates can rise again

Financing with own money can be interesting. But the interest rate on savings could rise again in the future, making your interest goes wrong. The same applies to the return on investments.

Mortgage interest not deductible

The big difference between a mortgage on your first and on a second home: in the latter case, it is not deductible.

A full mortgage

Most mortgage lenders not fully finance the purchase of a second home. Get out of a financing up to about sixty to seventy percent.

Two tax regimes

Do you buy abroad, then you have to take into account two tax regimes: the Dutch and foreign. Also can not always take place at a Dutch bank. Who believe that sometimes too risky. On the other hand, foreign banks finance up to 75% of the liquidation value.

Higher interest rates with a personal loan

Go get a personal loan? Then you often pay an interest rate that is sharply higher than the mortgage rate, not because a second property as collateral.

Source Telegraph, Netherlands 13-11-2016

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