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More arrive in Spain than leave for first time in 5 years

THE Spanish economy is showing signs of recovery as unemployment falls and immigration rises.

Spain´s population has not risen since 2009 and has been falling every year since 2011. Data released for 2016 however shows an increase in foreigners coming into Spain alongside returning nationals according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

The severe economic crisis, beginning in 2008, led to unemployment rates rising to 27 percent. Conditions in the country drove many more people to leave the country in search of employment and better quality of life than the number of arrivals as people no longer looked to Spain for jobs.

Data released for 2016 shows that 89,126 more people arrived in Spain than left. Of the arrivals Venezuelans came in the largest numbers following worsening conditions in their country followed by Moroccans, Colombians and Romanians. 85 percent of those coming in were foreigners and 15 percent were Spaniards.

Germans and Swiss were among the largest groups of nationalities to be leaving Spain.

The rapidly improving employment rates and strong economic recovery that is forecast is believed to be the reason for the increase. Tourism and Agriculture throughout the crisis remained good seasonal employers; however the recovery of the construction industry which plummetedduring the recession suggests continued sustainable growth.

Despite this positive increase more Spaniards still leave the country than arrive here, with the majority going to Britain even in the face of the Brexit uncertainty.

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