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Info Townhall Benahavis

The new Benahavis town hall has been inaugurated in 2012 and is now 500 meter from the village centre on the Avenida de Andalucia, the road leading into the village. Usage of English is seriously limited, even with over half of the inhabitants being foreigners, so it is a wise move to take a translator if your Spanish is not as good as you want it to be.


The town hall gives out citizen cards, which allows you to use the municipal sports facilities for free, workshops and things. The card can be applied for from december, 1 until january, 31 and during the month of june.

There are two types of cards costing EUR10 each or a combination of the two for EUR20 per annum.


The sports card typically covers municipal sports installations including the pool, tennis (indoor), basketball (indoor), paddle, petanque, skateboard park, driving range, gymnasium, indoor football). The culture card covers events, which have included, coach trips to events in Malaga, Las Sierras., It also includes courses such as free golf lessons for the kids, football coaching, fitness classes, martial arts, subsidized language classes, art and handicraft classes, Bonsai, cooking, baking, appreciation of wine etc. Apply for the cards at the Ayuntamiento.

You need to be registered at the town hall, have a copy of your NIE plus a photo. Applications are invited until the end of January 2012. Please ensure that all your Ayuntamiento bills such as IBI, water and waste tax are paid up to date. This can be checked in the office on the ground floor of the Ayuntamiento.

Town hall Benahavis
gemeentehuis Benahavis
Bar Benahavis

Townhall Café

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